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Ariungerel / Ulziibaljir


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I have worked in the human resource industry for 5 years, ultimately gaining experience in human resources practices, sourcing and recruiting at a variety of levels. Before of marketing officer at brand marketing department, I was a commercial marketing officer, I am always striving to bring 100% to the work that I do, and my goal as to build strong, long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with customers. Currently, I am working new production development officer at Brand marketing department. Outside of the office, I love to learn online course. In 2018, I have studied over 30 types of online sites and I get over 50 types of certificates. I made a guide/handbook on how to learn online. I participated in the "Shark tank" in the our company. Each department has organized "Share time" and introduced online training to its employees. Nowadays, we are preparing a short-time video studying one lesson as an example of how to learn more about each online site.

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I am a perfectionist, but I am currently translating the book “Overcoming perfectionism”. Because for being perfect is not easy. I love meeting new people and learning new things, I love my family, all things marketing, two-day weekends, high-heels, reading, running, learning, sushi, wine, flower and traveling.