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Arnold Lapuz


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The primary objective of my idea is for the world to realize the need to strengthen university-community partnership as it is the backbone of transformative social change in todays world. One of the many ways of achieving it is by establishing a Community Center for Entrepreneurship (CCE) which will facilitate transfer of fundamental entrepreneurial principles to different communities. With the Universitys own pool of entrepreneurial experts who will serve as project directors, the CCE is expected to provide free trainings, seminars, and discussions on livelihood to interested members of the community. Livelihood & Financial Management Education will be the main goal of the CCE for it is believed that the University should lead in the important task of promoting positive changes in the community by educating community members about the value of self-reliance & self-sufficiency through simple entrepreneurial projects like backyard farming, soap making, safe & nutritious food vending, alternative medicine making, handicrafts using indigenous materials or trash, etc. The community members have the power to choose what entrepreneurial endeavor they will take upon completing a week long crash course on Basic Entrepreneurship. In doing so, the University is able to live up to the expectation of the society not only as the seat of knowledge production but as the principal actor in instituting needed changes in the society. Moreover, university students will play a major role in the programs of the CCE as they will assist project directors assigned by the University Board. The rationale behind this is for them to experience firsthand how projects are conceptualized, rehashed, and actualized. This involvement provides students with the necessary experience in interpersonal communication, cultural intelligence & sensitivity, social participation, resourcefulness, and entrepreneurial creativity.

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