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Environmental Sociology

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Communication designers, Social media enthusiasts, Web Designers, Lawyers, Environmental experts

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I’m interested in bridging environment-people gap through technology, community cohesiveness, create campaigning, internet, legal and scientific expertise.

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Arpita Bhagat


Project Overview

EcoMap India Crowd-mapping to solve India's local environmental issues

Using Crowdmapping technology & public participation, EcoMap India works with a two-pronged approach. One, it helps create database of identified civic environmental issues posing threat to community health and the affected communities thereby calling for better government accountability. Two, it helps initiate action in the affected communities by implementing sustainable solutions from changemaker community (which has initiated positive change). EcoMap India aims to map and take action to solve eco-hazards or local environmental concerns through crowdmapping and community building. Crowdmaps act as visual data showcasing tools which help bring people together as stakeholders of issues mapped by them. (Crowdmaps have been used to map safety concerns in India. Check safecity.in for example)

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