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Arthur Ting


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Business Aviation

Business class seats, services and amenities for the price of economy class seats. Economy class seats, services and amenities for the price that is lower and more affordable than economy class seat prices. Customers are only allowed hand carry luggage between 7 to 10 kilograms. There will be no check in luggage allowed. No check in baggage leads to reduction in weight thus reducing fuel burnt which leads to a greener way of travelling. No check in baggage eliminates the need for baggage logistics, financially, the significant reduction in man power required to haul in those baggages, this too eliminates airline company's losses from lost baggage claims. A new concept of "Go" whereby you can fly immediately upon reaching the airport where there will be a flight out at set intervals, this reduces the waiting time. Upon arrival at destination, one does not need to wait for his or her check in baggage, and just proceed straight to the taxi.

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