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Aruzhan Boranbayeva


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I am an ambitious person. I take my tasks seriously and bring them to the end. I am result-oriented and constantly check how close or how far my team is from their goal and what it will take to make it happen. I find this pressure inspiring and a great motivator for the rest of the team. I am sure that I like to plan everything clearly, that's why I was a project Manager in the Tecknovation competition, thanks to which my team fulfilled its duties ahead of a schedule. I like to create something new. For example, I am the founder of the graphic design club at my school, where students share their knowledge and experiences, where we also make graphic posters for different events of the school. I am a responsible and creative person. For example, the school has an active UNESCO club, where I tried myself in the role of “event manager”, and organized a charity food festival. I am a socially active person, so I am a member of the “League of volunteers” and “Education USA” club, where they have various volunteer projects.

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School Olympiad in English (1st place among 75 students); School Olympiad on the Russian language (2nd place among 90 students); International online Foxford Olympiad Math (diploma of the second degree); International online Foxford Olympiad Russian language (diploma of the second degree); POP Art project (excellence award); Research work “How colors can improve the ambiance, mood and education” ; Poetry contest “Singing Independence” to the 25th anniversary of Independence of Kazakhstan (1st place) ; National contest “Hackday” project shabytkozi – platform for youth development (diploma 2-degree and prizes from Samsung); Participation in the V National youth conference “My profession» ; National camp – Pull Up by Boot Camp, which was organized with the support of FLEX. In the camp we did environmental projects, listened to training of speakers, studied psychology, self-development and time management. ; The Hackathon from Unicef with the support of Data Science hub, where my team created a prototype of an application SapSau – a convenient reminder of vaccinations (certificate) ; City competition “Journey to the world of chemistry” held in the framework of the project “Face to face” in the Al Farabi KNU (diploma 2-degree). ; EducationUSA Summer Camp by the support of American councils (certificate) ; National contest Technovation 2019, where the team and I created the EasyEat app (certificate and gifts from the jury) ; The program “How to create your startup?» from Business Incubator Most, where I studied such areas as customer development, Finance, monetization, marketing and crowdfunding ; Forum “Woman Techmakers”, where all women in the field of STEM shared their experiences and discussed future prospects (certificate and prizes from Essence) ; EF Spelling Bee (certificate for C1 language level) ; National camp “Girls in Stem” – project Food recycler compost; Brain-ring “Think globally, act locally!» among the schools of Almaty (1 place)