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I have obtained my bachelor degree in Architecture and Urban planning working about two years in the field of architecture, my social enterprise passed it's starting stages, and I started to work in my own business. I am very active in usingeneral and managing social medias, writing website content, good leadership skill, and very committed to the development of the country by helping the youth through education and promoting entrepreneurship across the country

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I need a website designer with advance programming skills, legal advisors, entrepreneurs to help me launch the platform and empower the women to self-dependent and work towards getting their right and promote gender equality culture by getting education and spreading it to the society.

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I was the first person and first generation of my family who started to go to school and continue to higher education while the tradition and culture of the community I was there did not want that. But I struggled alot to continue my education and help my community by providing them the awareness about education and knowledge of the day.
My hard working in school led to get first position in each class, I moved from my village to pursue my school after grade 8. My addictive habits of helping the people, caused to organize a class for the student in my room to teach them what knew. Later I was offered a position to teach in a girl high school when I was in 11 class. Being a teacher for two years taught me a lot about community, behavior and communication with others.

After high school and succeeding to the university, I continued my education in architecture field. I alway have gotten first position in university and school.

During the University, I succeeded to many scholarships, but I received none of them. There was no center or platform to get help about educational opportunities. After university I started to help others while creating a platform educational opportunities discovery to help others find all available opportunities in one place. And get the support to fill the application and how to be succeeded.
We (I and my brother) founded “Scholarship for Afghanistan” in 2014. Since then we have helped thousands of the people through a voluntarily work, working all the times free.
The only thing we were getting, was the energy spreaded to us when a person had received a scholarship or any good opportunity.

Nothing is more enjoyable then helping the community. So to continue our services, we rented an office started it as a social enterprise.
Now we are the top platform in Afghanistan.

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Asadullah Mohammadi