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Ngweka queen asanji


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Environmental sanitation and maternal and child welfare

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My names are Ngweka Queen Asanji, A young aspiring entrepreneur and community service provider who believes in the power of women as global change makers and spring boards to achieving a sustainable economy in every nation. I have a vision of transforming the lives of women and children in communities in my own little way. During my early years, I always volunteer with associations like Global positive foundation and Crystal Crown to give donations, lectures and trainings to women and children in communities. In 2013, after my first degree, i decided to set up a mother care shop in Douala,Cameroon called “Happy Ever After Mother care” to help meet the needs of the mothers and children in a highly populated city like Douala, hence reducing maternal and infant mortality ratio in my country. In 2013, I was selected to represent Cameroon in Harare, Zimbabwe as “Miss Curvy Cameroon”, for the Diamond Queen of Africa Beauty pageant, to model against hunger in Africa. In 2014, I decided to enroll for an MBA Program at the Ecole Superieur des Science Economiques et Commerciales Douala, where I graduated in 2016 with a masters in International Commerce and Supply Chain Management. With the little proceeds from my mother care business, I decided to realise my vision of transforming the lives of mothers and children, this time i looked for people who shared the same vison and passion as me to help mothers and children transform and thrive. I put together a team, in 2016, we created an association called “Happy Mother Happy Child Association”. An association which is out to support and promote women to excel in all areas of life and equally supporting child welfare. We have carried out a series of activities supporting mothers and children and we intend to carry out many more. I believe that the only limit to ones success is his inability to work at achieving his deeams. No matter how big my dreams are, I work at achieving them because i know with Faith, hardwork and Patience, i will succeed to positively transform the lives of many.