Comment on: iSEEK
September 10, 2017 17:54

Hello Katlego,

Your comment made me so happy. Thank you very much. I faced a technical problem for a month where I couldn't comment anywhere. This caused my activity bar indicator to decrease.

And then after it got fixed the deadline was too near. Anyway, being a part of YCEC was a nice experience especially that I met awesome members like you.

I thank you for your message and wish you all the best in your life. We can always stay in touch at [email protected]

Kind Regards
Aseel Abuhamda

August 27, 2017 00:23

Hey there Manasa!

Congratulations on your idea.. its very nice and I am sure it would be successful. As a Jordanian citizen, we need such an application because so much of our time is wasted searching for a parking lot. You described your idea in a very nice way and from different aspects for example if a user is late, if he doesn't pay then he can't reserve a place next time.

But I have a question, how would the registration be? By email ? For example a person could not pay first time and make a new email -new registration- and reserve a plot. Did you think of this point?

As a friendly suggestion, I believe if registration was by mobile number it would be better as its difficult to change your number everytime you access the application!

I wish you all the best
Aseel Abuhamda
iSEEK idea

August 27, 2017 00:07

Hello Spyros!

It's a very nice idea.. Good luck with your work.. generation of electricity from water also known as "wave power" is a very popular topic. It can benefit schools, houses , hospitals. And using smart gauges as you mentioned is an innovative idea. Self - supplied energy from water.

Good luck with your endeavours

August 26, 2017 23:48

Hello Daniel,

It's very nice of you to help poor and environment at the same time. Converting organic wastes from food to biogas is a very nice idea. But regarding the implementation , there will be one Compact Biodigester device in every district? how will the biogas flow then to the consumer?

How will you make sure that those who disposed off their waste are the ones receiving the biogas.

How will you fund your project?
Large capital is needed for implementation and then running costs like maintenance.


Comment on: E-Waste Recycled
August 26, 2017 20:27

Apa kabar Emily!

It's a very nice idea to recycle e-waste. Especially in the 21st century where the toxicity of e-waste has increased so much due to the high demand. I enjoyed reading your idea and feel it will be very successful if implemented globally. We need such an organization worldwide.

But I am not an expert and would be happy if you enlighten me more how can electronic gadgets be recycled?

Best of luck!

August 26, 2017 10:51

Hello Melissa!

A very nice idea to educate youth about photography. The use of social media is increasing drastically and professional photographers, writers are needed indeed. I like your passion towards art, creativity and conveying stories neglected by mainstream media. Congratulations on being chosen to take part in RAF journalism fellowship.


PS: I don't know if I am the first to tell you this but I found so much resemblance between you and the singer Mariah Carey!

Comment on: Toilet paper wisdom
August 26, 2017 08:55

Hey there!

Congratulations on your project..using toilet paper to add inspirational quotes is really new to me. What made you come up with this project? Also did you receive any results after implementation?

And last but not least, it would be nice if you raise awareness about your organization using this method. So people can contact you not only cause they are inspired, but to ask for advices and make their ideas a reality.


August 15, 2017 15:43

Hey Alina!

Its a very nice idea that benefits many people. Beauty Salons, project cause organisations, owners of the platform you want to implement. It looks interesting and I really enjoyed the video.. especially your part talking.

Best of luck

Comment on: iSEEK
July 16, 2017 18:40

Thank you Julencia very much for your constructive and encouraging comment.

It will help disabled people, market researchers, customers and hypermarket owners.

Best of luck in your endeavours

July 16, 2017 18:33

Hello Balogun,

You have a nice idea and name matching!
To accelerate the performance of gifted students through lectures, scientific excursions and visiting companies.

But as an organization is this going to be paid for ? Or do you expect students to add into the value of this initiative after they are done?

Best of luck