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After my graduation in 2018 with my Master’s degree in Environmental Safety & Health Management, I have been working full time as an EHS Engineer for a fortune 500 company Honeywell. During my academic year, I was selected for a very competitive public health internship program by National Environmental Health Association in 2017 to be placed in Alaska. My article about internship experience was published by Alaska Environmental Health Association. I was then recognized as an Extraordinary Graduate Student by Association of Environmental Health Academic Programs.Besides my full time work I have been involved with various organizations. I am a Young Professional at Zonta International foundation which works for the welfare of the women worldwide through service and advocacy. I am also the Committee chair lead for women’s network at Honeywell. I have been selected as Rising Star 2019 at Wedu and Country Ambassador for Youth Opportunities USA. In 2018, I was selected as a Delegate to participate in World Youth Forum in Egypt. Recently, I got the opportunity to be part of 25th Session of the Youth Assembly by Friendship Ambassadors Foundation.

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Astha Adhikari