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I have passion for Freelance writing. Some of my blogs have been published on various websites and I am always writing new. I write especially in topics including business, social issues, entrepreneurship. Moreover, I have good leadership skills. After handling leadership positions without any leadership training, I can attest to the fact I am a natural born leader, with transformational leadership as my leadership style.

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I was born and raised in Ndungated – a small village in the south West region of Cameroon. From a tender age, my siblings and I always liked going to school. Back then in the early 2000s, very few people went to school. We had just a single primary school in the entire village. I stayed focused in school till I finished primary school.

Then I took a big risk. I went for an interview to be admitted into the best secondary school in the region. This is school, owned by Italian Catholic Missionary was not only very expensive, but competitive. Yes, I got the admission. What a big deal it was for me! My life changed there on.

Furthermore, I only realized myself handling leadership positions like being class prefect, being a representative of my class to the school administration. Little did I know that was shaping my life. I ended up being elected as College Senior Prefect in high school; a job given only to the most competent student, with the highest virtues of leadership and humility.

Since then, I have held many leadership positions. After all the years of working with students and being a leader to student associations, I have keenly observed that, apart from reading lecture notes (which many students detest), very few young people actually go an extra mile to read more about their various fields on interest. I have met students who dream of becoming scientists, but have never read a single book about science, have never done any research on what it takes to become a scientist. Could one just be a scientist without appropriate training, reading and research? I doubt.

That became my passion. To get as many young people to read at least a book per month about their various fields of interests. Presently my village Ndungated, is one of the places struck by the on going socio – economic crisis in Cameroon. Before the out break of the crisis, I made trips to the village to gather young people (children, teenagers, youths) and educate them why they must go to school and why they must read. I go along with some books written by Cameroonian authors to distribute to the few who can read. We read together and share ideas. For me, it begins with having the passion to read and willingness to learn.

Moreover, I use the social media to influence my peers. I created a reading group on WhatsApp. We read at least one book a month in our various fields of interests and share ideas with each other. This is yielding a lot of good results. I have watched some of my peers who never once sacrificed their social media time for anything, get so involved in reading.

It is commonly said “to hide any information from an African man, put it in a book”. I am here to break the stereotype. This resulted to my project.

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Atemnkeng Desmond Efuetlefac