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Athanasios Alexandridis


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The creation of StudyBase became to meet the basic need regarding inquiries on information about education and the professional training of interested in Greece. StudyBase is a natural place and online platform (studybase.eu) for the all young people, Disabled people, school-students, university-students and researchers which need search of information with regard to the education and their professional training. The role of our social enterprise StudyBase is to promote, to facilitate and to guide closely (the young persons and Disabled people) that they wish to follow an academic career in third degree institutions (Undergraduate studies, Post-Graduate studies, Phd, MBA, ACCA, etc.), after-school training, acquisition of scholarships and active attendance in European programs in congresses and seminars in subjects that concern the education, volunteering and Youth Enterprise. Finally stakeholders will receive the information that they wish and personal consulting from the people of StudyBase against concrete subscription in monthly, semi-annual or annual base The subjects for which we will provide information to the young people are: Professional experience Seminars Conferences Curricula(Undergraduate, Post-graduate, Phd) More specific about Curricula we will have: Fees required by each agency Scholarships and Student Loans Problems facing students in each country(stay, hob, visa roundtrips.) Anything else that a student need to know about the country and University of fit.

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