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My name is Aubrey Mchonkhwe, born on 25th December, 1989 in Kasungu district, Malawi. I am the Director of Foundation for Agribusiness and Youth Empowerment (FAYE), an organisation that was founded in 2016 and incorporated with the Trustees Incorporation Rules in 2017. I graduated from Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR) with a Bachelors in Agribusiness Management in August, 2016. I was inspired by the Agribusiness Courses at LUANAR that encouraged an entrepreneurial spirit. After graduating I decided to establish FAYE as a means of empowering other youths to be self-employed and utilize their skills to employ others. The idea started when I realized that many young people especially in rural areas lack skills to run small scale businesses. With my skills gained from LUANAR, I am among the few that have those skills in theory. The critical problem is unemployment or underemployment, even among the youths that graduated from colleges and universities. As a result, many youths have the skills but no opportunity to utilize them on the ground.

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Aubrey Mchonkhwe