Comment on: Crochet Hub Africa
June 19, 2019 10:15

Hi Lamibisa,
I've read and vote for you and hope you'll care to vote for me again. Your project is quite a wonderful one. I've seen something I never saw in the shoe industry. This is such a great talent. Wish you success all the way.

June 11, 2019 00:10

Hi James.
It's always good to have someone from your community. I've read and voted for your idea, it's superb particularly your area of concern (educational sector) looking at the deplorable condition of education in Africa. Your idea have the potential of uniting students and scholars with a view of tackling educational problems. Do well to vote for me pls.

Comment on: Augmented Innovations
May 30, 2019 13:46

Thank you all for commenting on my project. And don\'t forget to Vote too. I will make sure to vote for all your projects/ideas using the link you've provided. Wish you guys best of luck and I hope you'll continue striving even after this competition.