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I am a Tanzanian born in Morogoro region, raised in Dar-es-salaam graduated with a diploma of medical laboratory sciences at KCMC .As a young boy I was inspired by different things like the following questions, who am I?. Why am I? What am I?Questions like these bothered my head in a day to day basis,I remember having neighbors who were rich and very friendly we could go in their house and watch TV I happen to watch a film of Moses and a lot of questions rouse in my head questions which pinpointed God. Who is God? Why is God? What is God, and later that Night I remember asking my mum a question about God and it was ‘
“Mum is God FEMALE OR Male”? My mum sighed and just told me God is neither Male nor Female he is Just GOD. I always like to share the above story because it is the root of my entrepreneurial journey, and it’s the moment I fell in love with my head since it developed many questions compared to answers.
I started exploring my entrepreneurial skills when I was 15 years old where I discovered a need in my home street where when it rained ours street roads flooded with water and it was very annoying for people around my street so I went to my mum and asked if we could pray so that rain stopped, my mum laughed and told me son if we pray for rain to stop you will not have food on the table, for a young boy this raised more questions, why? How? What can I do? So I went and made a research of to why without rain mum can’t put food on the table .By doing so I discovered that it was because plants needed sunlight and water to grow and animals like cows feed on plants but us as human feed in both plants and animals while on my research I came along many articles such as ecosystem ,farming, irrigation schemes ,and conservation of water sources, I got interested with the conservation of water resources and irrigation because I thought they were the only ways that we could solve our road problems due to rains. So young as I were, I woke up the next morning excited and went to my mum and with a big smile I told her, I think I have a solution to our problem. My mum stopped cooking and asked me” what is the solution Son”, “well…” I told her I think we can channel the water and dig big holes and cement them so that the channeled water from the roads can run into these massive holes for conservation and later during the drought season we could use an irrigation system for Farming in our Farms and later we will put food in the table for our family and also our neighbors. My mum was I amazed and I could see it from her Eyes and Mouth, she then told me Son when you grow-up you will be wise and wealthy.
From that point I knew only God and science can answer my questions and lead me to my propose , so I enrolled myself to study science subjects at my O level and in my A level studies during my studies I did many science projects with my science teachers and later on channeled myself to medical laboratory sciences and it was simply because I was inspired with why and how small micro-organisms caused diseases ,during my College studies, I involved myself in different entrepreneurial activities such as computer software maintenance( self taught),selling electronics like computers, music systems and doing assignments for others in exchange for money since many students were lazy enough to research. In 2013 this is a period when I realize the power of Computer Programming when I opened My first Pharmaceutical Shop and failed to track My accounts and managing my store which led to losses in my business but I had an advantage over other people facing the problem since I was a fan of Technology and computers I then asked myself if I could produce a software that can take care of my business, so I took a journey of researching for this idea ,for about a year and a half and I came along so many apps that were not only unreliable expensive and not user-friendly but also they were in foreign languages that a normal employer from my shop could not use it. This is what brought this next challenge of My Life to help other aspiring entrepreneurs to be able to manage their businesses through technology and hence eliminate avoidable mistakes that can lead to closing of shops and stores hence improve their entrepreneurial skills and eliminating poverty.

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