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Avia Nahreen


Project Overview

Abling the Disabled

The project will train and provide technical assistance to visually empowered and impoverished women of Khulna, Bangladesh on making new paper from waste paper. They will be offered professional training on paper making from waste paper to help them become self employed. A small cottage paper recycling plant will be set up in Khulna where necessary equipment will be set up and the trained girls will be hired to make paper which will be brought to the city and sold. Part of the proceeds generated from the sale of produced paper would be used to provide for the employed womens education and medical costs. In this respect it will also act as a social business model. We have targeted a particular category of the population-the visually challenged and impoverished women. These women would be trained on the entire process of the recycling of waste paper into new paper. Consequently, we do not intend to stop here. The plan would not be limited to papers only. It would be extended to plastics and making decoration pieces with the recycled paper. We would be expanding our sales so that we are able to hire more of the targeted population and cater to their needs. The project aims to alleviate poverty and demonstrate that disabled people too can contribute to the economy.

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