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Coming from a modern family, I never had huge opportunities to speak up about the issues I faced during my primary school, so it kind of seized me a long time to think about what changes need to be done and for what matters, I took the time to comprehend and analyze the useless exhausting Moroccan educational system in all dimensions, yes I am all for change, but aren’t we all?
I believe that to raise awareness, real people who experienced, it needs to go out there and talk about it, every single person needs to put out their amount of notes and issues, and when it comes to students; the future of the state, it should get more serious, but unfortunately, it’s more neglected in reality, that’s why I took the initiative to found youthness, I am engaged to build the right learning environments and educational systems. It’s a win-win situation, I get to build a useful and helpful community that’s doing our country good, and we get to improve our study lives.
As a Moroccan young student who has felt the negative impact of an educational system concentrated on marks and grades, I know well how much young teenagers and students need such opportunities to broader their vision and develop themselves and their soft and hard skills. I am proud of my achievements and will continue on the same path with the same energy, here is a list of my awards:
– Winner – EDU-HACK Hackathon: Education for all competition
– Winner of the sky’s the limit contest (2nd rank in Morocco)
– Winner of the school maths olympiad (1st rank)
– TEDx Youth ECP Best Speaker 2018-2019 (1st rank)
– Schoonect’s bootcamp winner team (1st rank)
– Class representative
– Arabic dictation Winner (1st rank) school competition
– French dictation winner (2nd rank) school competition
– Best grade point average from the primary school to the somophore grade

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Aya Talbi


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