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I do in agriculture in general, I started 2 hectares of cassava that I follow now

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I am looking for buyers and people who can help me financially and strategically in achieving my goals

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I am a young Cameroonian engineer in the field of hydraulics, however I have a great passion for agriculture, a field that I really like to improve with my knowledge in irrigation.Likewise when you are producing you have to think about transformation I am also seeing to what extent I could transform what I produce, I have a very great experience.In this area because I am first and foremost a son of agriculture, this allowed me to benefit from his experience. I have already started a 2 hectare cassava field for the moment, and I employ two people And I know that if I have the support I could still help a lot of these people there really have nothing to eat. I am very sociable, a leader, and my primary motivation is to eradicate hunger And the growing inactivity in our countryside

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Ayissi Ayissi Eugène