Comment on: Aeon Art Studio
July 1, 2020 13:13

Hi Rolando,
I think you've a great intention here.
However, you might have unconsciously left out some parts of the idea. As a newbie I can't fully grasp the idea, the benefits to all parties including yourself.

Thank you

Comment on: Girl Inspire Project
June 30, 2020 17:26

Wow. This is truly lovely.
I am happy for this initiative.
I was just wondering if there are other things you can venture into as you expand, beyond mushroom. This might mean looking at meeting needs beyond the shores of Uganda, such that it could result into exportation.

Comment on: Send It
June 28, 2020 22:14

Hi Avery, It''s truly a great idea.
I'm really impressed by your dedication to see this work.
Would a person be able to include their location, such that the benefactor can choose by location?
Also is there a way for a benefactor to pay for many items at once, like donating to a pool from which needs can be met in whatever order you deem fit?

June 28, 2020 02:12

This is really beautiful. I can totally relate with the fact that people will nicely store up papers for the business in exchange for money.
However, have you considered the global decline in the consumption of paper. We now use e books, News apps Memo apps. On the contrary, Nylon has not really diminished in use. Most of what I dispose is used nylon, so does your process accommodate the use of nylons too?