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ayush ratna


Project Overview

Empowering the socially and technically inferiors.

The main objective of this idea is to support the downtrodden. There are various NGOs which support education,who can come together to conduct a survey to mark the illiterate people from various villages and communities.A new NGO can also be formed for this task.The people from each village community/will be divided into separate groups,which will include the illiterate people of all age groups and gender.Then,they will be enrolled in the NGOs,the basic education for the youth and the elders will be base on agricultural and technical knowledge and writing and informing them about the basic rights of the land and their duties.Whereas the educational content for the children would comprise mainly of formal education and the education to remove the old school of habits which is an obstruction to development.After a few days of agricultural and technical knowledge the people could work efficiently in the farms for better agriculture.There might be a group leader from each group who would work for the welfare of his fellow citizen.He would be taught to write letters to the government officers informing the lack of employment in his group,this step would also help the villagers to claim for various employment schemes,to work and earn in fields or even industries.The same group leader would be responsible to inform the NGOs about the specialties of his community/village with respect to materials,craft,art,handicrafts,food etc,so that these can be promoted and marketed to uplift the economic condition of the village and ensure better way of livelihood to every person.The same can be implemented in a series in various parts to ensure development throughout.

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