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Education for all

My idea is based on the following 1) After the advance level or Baccalaureate many students student dont have money to further their education. Education for all will put and end to such situations. 2) The use of digital technology in Cameroons as of now stands at about 1 million with a total population of about 20million( www.internetworldstats.com ). 3) Some families focus to feed the children and not on the education of the children due to the lack of finance( an average Cameroonian feeds on less than 1 dollar per year) 4) Government higher institution are far from where this graduates live and the private universities around are very expensive 5) Online courses are not readily available in Cameroonian universities I belive with this method of education Cameroonians will learn things that can be applied immediately .This will help speed up development and reduce unemployment rate.

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Changing the thoughts of Cameroonians toward the use of the internet

Looking at Cameroon today with a population of about 20million only about are internet users. With a high literacy rate we expect the number of internet users to be higher. Many countries are using the internet/computer to better education,agriculature , an all sectors. RANSBIZ will offer the employmeny opportunities, opportunities to create employment by individuals as well as better the sales of local businesses. We have a variety of services whic include 1.Affiliate marketing 2.Online publishing 4. Sales of VoIP calls to companies and individuals ( some calls as low as 0.001 dollars) 5. Online advertisements 6. App designing 7. web designing 8. Video publishing on our channel 9. Promote online activities and interactions 10. offline sales and marketing 11. Bulk SMS 12. Blogging , reviews

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