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Kazeem Bashir


Project Overview

Safe water, Safe life.

My main objective is to make sure purified and distilled water bags being sold at very affordable prices, reach small villages and provinces across Kaduna state and ultimately Nigeria as a whole, since scarcity of clean and safe drinking water has been the major challenge of most people in my state. For example, if water bags are currently being sold for the price of $0.31, the price can be lowered to $0.18 per water bag, while providing higher quality of drinking water. Transportation expenses should be a major factor in overall cost, but this really shouldn't matter. If the cost of transporting the water by cars or van is too expensive, Nigeria is a country where other means of transportation are available. The water can either be transported by using a donkey, camel or cow pulling a two wheel cart, depending on which animal is available in a particular area. The further the water business grows, vans can later be hire purchased and additional man power can be employed, regardless of gender, language, tribe or cultural background respectively.

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