August 1, 2019 19:14

Hello Blessing,

Your project very much resembles your name as it is a blessing for the youth in Nigeria.

I worked on similar projects in South Africa and I was always happy to see people grow and succeed as a result. I hope you help many more people for years to come!

Best Wishes

Comment on: MotherCare App
August 1, 2019 19:09

Hello Regina,

As a Medical Designer, I'm very pleased to read about your idea as it does address a very important issue in the region.

The issue is daunting, however, your background research and implementation plan have given me so much confidence that I'll see the project as a reality.

Best Wishes

Comment on: SMART CITY
August 1, 2019 19:02

Hello Zaki,

Well done on the idea! It's very relevant to Dubai as it's easy for the city to neglect some parts while rushing progress.

Best Wishes