Comment on: The Food Factory
July 9, 2018 21:40

that's something a great to see such you guy, planning to keep the land green for all the time! As there is a huge care of technology nowadays for food manufacture however the farming is the main source of the food. So I think your idea looks like a reminder that we have to do a balance between the technology of food manufacture and the farming as they are connected with each other and cannot be separated. Also there is a type of assistance for for famine societies. So good luck for you and Iam pleased too to see your suggestion to my idea.

Comment on: UPCYCLERS
July 9, 2018 21:06

that a great idea. I think you are achieving two goals at one time , saving the environment and providing job opportunities! may I know that Have you made a primary test for this company? for me I think you will get very nice results! So good luck and Iam pleased to see your suggestion for my idea

Comment on: Water Watt
July 9, 2018 20:48

That,s great idea I have not heard such this before! and generating of electricity using environmentally friendly device , that's something wow! ,but may I know that can we apply this technique all around the world or there is some of criteria or conditions of the place we are gone use that device in?

Comment on: Water web
July 6, 2018 09:31

it is a good idea as it depends on the use of environmentally friendly energy. hopefully your idea can offer all of the world and not limited only on particular places as we all welcome your idea. good luck and wishing you for further success.