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An innovative entrepreneur with an idealistic mind for invention and creation. Providing solutions to environmental problems.

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Mentoring and funding.

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My name is Itsoko Bawo Williams, I’m 23 years old from Delta state. Currently an engineering final student of Enugu State University of science and technology. I have obtain certificates from several online business school like the adansonia business school in Milan. My entrepreneurial career started immediately after high school back in 2013 when I had taken a gap-year, this is when I discovered my passion for innovation and I since rode on that wave. In the early years of my work, I started making and selling locally made torch light, smokeless stoves for people who can’t afford gas cooker, building energy generators and making LED light batteries from ordinary salt and water. My love for providing solutions and making an impact in my community led me to be the entrepreneur that I am today.

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Williams Itsoko