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I am Mr. Dan Bonaventure, Rwandan 34 years old, a husband, parent I have a Bachelor degree in Public Health from Higher Institute of Business and Economics, a Diploma in Public Policies, Good Governance, Political Party Development, and Social Networking from Youth Political Leadership Academy, certified in languages from Secondary School, a Teacher, a Politician and Entrepreneur
My wish and desire of being one of change makers I am currently representing my country from 04.3 to 26.5 2017 Young Africa leadership Initiative in Nairobi.
2006-2008 personal manager at Local Mining Cooperative in Northern
January 2011 up to date Teacher of English, French and Swahili.
Head of language department in my school.
2010 join a Political Party.
2013 a Parliamentarian Candidate.
2014 Exemplary hardworking Teacher
2014 District Representative of our Political Party
2014 Founder of Dan Fishing for
Development DFD
2015 Dean of High Council of our Political Party
2015 Seminar on gender based violence and fighting HIV in youth
My fishing project called Dan Fishing for Development(DFD) is located in lake Tanganyika which is beteen four countries Burundi,Tanzania Rd Congo and Zambia,my fishing main office is in South kivu /Uvira with HQ and supervision and accountancy office in Rusizi District Western Province of Rwanda, our fishing area are Moba (in Katanga Province) zone Fizi,Baraka,and karemie in Republic Democratic of Congo
Native of this idea
As I am experienced from my childhood in fishing career (but traditional one) my Dad was a traditional fisher man in lake kivu between Rwanda and Rd Congo and my mum is a seller of the fish, reason why I am inspired to develop that traditional and make research about Mikeke fish from lake Tanganyika that my mum used to buy in Congo, I went to lake Tanganyika to see and analyze the source and how they make fishing in that huge big lake containing the needed fish to the market of these four countries, the fishers are not able to produce and satisfy the market because of practicing the traditional fishing at the coast of the lake and they catch a lot of fishing asked myself if we use a modern fishing how may we can catch?
In that case after analyzing and understand that the fish we find to the market of these four countries most of them are coming from Uganda, Indian Ocean and in Europe even at the highest cost, that why I started thinking big how to start my own project to transform that traditional into modern fishing in lake Tanganyika, where I want to produce fishes to the lowest cost and dominate the local market and create employments to the Youth in five countries Rwanda Rd Congo, Tanzania Burundi and Zambia
Because I am doing this fishing project of course in traditional ways(system)and I know better the profit of this project reason why when I get chance to improve,I am sure that these above wishes or desire of transforming traditional into modern fishing in lake Tanganyika will be realize as soon as I get fishing tools ,skills and mentors in fishing career.
Also this project will contribute much to the development of the revenue of these four different countries about taxes, according to highest income this project will create philanthropic project as the one we suggest is Orphans Against Poverty For Development Association (OAPDA) toward to the poor people where we will focus in education, as education is the key of development we will focus on stopping drop out and poor families who are not able to pay school fees for their children or uneducated children. For example in western RD Congo Cost of Lake Tanganyika there many uneducated children because of no schools where they can study, with this project we will solve this problem.
We will also reduce poverty by creating small cooperatives of the people around DFD to help them to understand how to fight against poverty I will loan them the fish and pay me back at the lowest price and teach them how to save little they may have.
Because of the life standard of this region young girls have many problems of being child mother because of life situation, we will help them to continue their usual life and their children without losing chance of having life opportunities,