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Georgios Sotiropoulos / Ioannis Plas


Project Overview

Be-Game : That 's how we tackle in a modern way bad habits, violence and bullying in childhood!!!

This project of Be-Game is about a behavior game for children aged 5-13 years. The game will be built using the graphics engine unity game engine with well designed graphics and characters who will be attractive to the eyes of children in which it is intended. This idea aims to be used in the consoles Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and PC. The game will be characterized as a single player in which the player assumes the role of a child (boy or girl at the choice player) to be located in a fantastic city. In this city the player meets other kids, makes friendships with them, and delivers some of the tasks you need to accomplish. The aim of the game is to detect the behavior of the child through a fantastic world. Through play, the observer can see how the child behaves in certain situations and draw some conclusions about its behavior. For example in the game the child can be confronted with the following situation. Constantine (starring the game) is asked to keep a secret about his friend George. Constantine must decide whether to reveal the secret of his friend or will keep it secret. Each players choice will shape the different flow and the end of the game in the standards of the game HEAVY RAIN. All these situations will be part of general attractive and adventurous missions and the right reacts of the player will be congratulated with points. In general, the game scenario will evolve variously and its purpose will be the player to complete the adventure through his different options. Moreover, the game presents to the observer how the child behaves in different situations, and so will enable the observer to assess the childs behavior.

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