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Begashaw Meberate


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My profession is agriculture. I have a master's Degree in Rural Development Management from Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia with 15 years of working experience in different Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations. I have the desired leadership, entrepreneurship, and business development skills including strategic planning, problem-solving techniques, change management, and emotional inelegance.

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I need to accomplish my company’s vision and leverage my business; I am looking for rising seed grants and creating business networking, and business acceleration support. I have a burning desire to digitalize the existing mechanization services and aim to play a significant role to replace traditional methods and creating a meaningful impact on small-scale farmers in Ethiopia.

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My name is BegashawMeberate, from Ethiopia. I am the CEO and Founder of Bfarm-tech. Bfarm-Tech is a startup company based in Ethiopia. I started my business with the Tony ElumelueFoundation entrepreneurship training and $5000 seed capital support. In January 2020, I purchased Multi Crop Thresher and started providing rental threshing services for smallholder farmers in Moretena Jiru Province, Ethiopia. Bfarm-Tech has more than 500 customers and generated $USD 20,000 yet. In 2022, Bfarm-Tech started developing a digital platform (Mobile app and Call Center) that links farmers with mechanization service providers in Ethiopia. 

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