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I am Aged Advocate and caregiver. I possess excellent human relations and passionate about humanity. I am very good in assessing, diagnosing, managing and evaluating issues that bother on mankind ranging from boys and girls to the elderlies.

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I need Grant to fund an additional snail farm to generate revenue for project sustainability

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I am a Physician Assistant, Medical and a Nurse with experience in caring for people and advocating for their needs (at least physiological, safety, love and belongings and self esteem).
My exposure to seeing people in distress and labour for money motivated me to pursuing this course of action.
Being an Executive Director of My Age My Help International, National Secretary of Rescue Wing International LBG and Principal Director of Nation Builders CM Network Ghana (NGO) has equipped me in seeking for people with diverse problems and needs ranging from discrimination and intimidation (in the aged), poverty and hunger, unemployment, rights abuse and gender based violence, etc.
I have been able to support over 100 underprivileged aged in their communities in respect of home healthcare and counseling, renewal of health insurance, provision of toiletries, food, shelter for some, etc.
Capacity building trainings and reproductive health education has been given to the youth and boys and girls in various communities in Ghana.

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Bernard Afriyie


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