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My name is Benjamin MANIRAFASHA, Am 21 years old, I live in Kigali with my family; am a fifth child in nine, I love technology from A-Z. My vision is to be a great man who creates opportunities for others.
I am a high-school graduate both in (PCM) Physic, Chemistry and Math in 2014 at Lycée De Kigali and Computer Science in 2015 at Samuduha Integrated College. And now am a student at Adventist University Of Central Africa (AUCA) In IT Software Engineering.
I was in the HACK OUT LOUD competition at HeHe ltd 2013, my team was called “Visionaries”, and that time we won as the first team in the HACK OUT LOUD, we were using scratch ,and that is time is I started my journey in coding and I become a part of it. And after I get a chance to attend The “Africa Hack trip” where we mate with skilled persons in coding with the experience. During Africa hack trip hosted at HeHe ltd we build up a Mozilla’s community Rwanda, and I belong in Mozilla web makers. Now I get another chance from HeHe ltd to be a part of “HeHe limited coding club” and I am proud of it, and “A good work comes from a hard work”.
During 2014, I and my team we developed a mobile game application called “FORA”
My family supported me to start my own business “Iris Magazine”; is a legal company registered in Rwanda Development Board and our mission says “We are the strength behind everything that strength the youth to develop both themselves and nation” I have a team of 10 youths and I pay them. Iris Magazine helped me to Gin amount of money as benefits and I invested that money in creation of a mobile Dictionary Application, This dictionary will be used in the East Africa Community. This will be used for developing language skills for our EAC and even for the tourist.

I work hard so that I could achieve my dreams, as a youth for a change and an agent of a positive change I will use my effort to optimize creativity in ICT Sector.
We don’t have a lot of competitors here in Africa as it is in Europe or America; we still to be at a low level in creativity. My dream is to create a set of different companies into one company; especially of ICT, MEDIA HOUSE and 3D ANIMATION.
I wrote articles in different magazines and newspapers such as Iris Magazine and The Service Mag, I organize and coordinate different charity actions for helping poor student and orphans like PLP MEGA CARE, 3Days Campaign, and A sheet of Paper can change and even Concert and Events as an MC.
I can forget different time and chances I gained to train different youths and mentor them in different youths clubs, I participated in Public work “UMUGANDA” and we build houses for Genocide against Tutsi survivors.
I work as head of Unity and Reconciliation Department in Peace and Love Proclaimers (“PLP”) is a movement created for the youth, by the youth. Through a series of grassroots initiatives, PLP empowers students from around the world to take responsibility for establishing a more unified nation within their respective countries. I promote unity and reconciliation in the youth and I started Peace and Love Proclaimers High schools Magazine
In 1994 Rwanda faced with Genocide against the Tutsi; the survivors we joined hands together so that we can fight against divisionism and Genocide, I organize:
-Walk to Remember 2014 and 2015: This is an action of Uniting the International Community and empowering the youth to take action against genocide and mass atrocities worldwide.
-PLP Mega Care: this is an event of charity where we collect funds and foods for poor and orphans and -Chain of hope: Chain of Hope is an event where youths join hand to hands and we light the Flame of Hope and each youth light candle to present a new generation and our hope for brighter future free of divisionism.
-Join Us: This is Iris Magazine program calling all youth to develop their hidden talent, being creative and innovative youths in order to develop their life as well as their country.
I got a chance to participate and trained in Rwanda Peace Education by Aegis Trust, and I certified as Youth Champion and I worked as Peace Builder in Community.

And Am a FOUNDER & CEO of IRIS Magazine

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