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Bernadette Kanyike


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I am a Kenyan Lady who grew up in the back drop of lush green vegetation. I have seen it dwindling with time as people continue cutting trees to use as fuel and also for building structures. Cooking with firewood is also never easy nor is it reliable. If it rains then it becomes quite hard to light the fire.

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The main aim of the project is to promote the use of natural oils on hair and skin. It also encourages natural beauty and for women who are the main target market to love themselves as they naturally are. The business distributes natural oils in the market though so far we have only been able to sell the east african shea butter but we are hoping to include more items in our portfolio. The business is only done online. Customers make their orders online or by phone and the deliveries are made to them. The products are meant to reduce reliance on chemical substances on hair and skin which in most instances are detrimental in the long run.

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This idea is meant to help introduce biogas to people's homes. I come from an area where people rely heavily on fire wood for fuel. There are also very few households that have access to electricity. The project is meant to reduce the reliance on firewood for fuel to protect the vegetation and also adoption of biogas as a source of energy including for lighting. Biogas does not have harmful emissions and so would help in environmental sustainability as we protect the air around us and also trees. The project requires training of several people who would assist in biogas installation in the area and also to get equipment to use in installation of the plants. Cooking is traditionally the role of the women. Installing biogas plants will help make the work easier for them. Use of firewood is quite a daunting task as it is tiring. People have to make sure they cut the trees and also ensure that they have sizeable pieces which can be used in fire. Some of the women also have to walk long distances to get the firewood or even buy it. Getting firewood is also not easy. Most households have at least one cow which they can use to get the manure for the firewood. This will mean that most of them can manage to sustain biogas plants which is more cost efficient and energy efficient. The manure from the plants can go back to be used in the gardens as they are doing it currently. The youth in the area can be trained to do the work and this can be a source of employment to them. To do this work I would need funds to subsidise the cost of equipment and also to train the youth to start the project.

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