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STOP AND TELL STOP AND TELL is a non-profitable movement that is aimed at educating the women on signs to look out for in their immediate environment to provide safe and minimized sexual abuse environments for their children. Also, to educate children on how to stay safe and free from people who may likely abuse them. In Nigeria especially in the rural communities, most parents leave their children at the mercy of their natural instinct and God-given wisdom to know how to spot abusers especially the pedophiles in their environment. Although STOP AND TELL movement has been ongoing for more than three years now with a remarkable difference made in only a small community via religious organization in the children and women wings, it is not enough because of the increased rate of sexual abuse. Covid-19 has made the case even worst as most children are abused by their trusted guardians and relatives. This gave birth to the driving force of educating the women who are mothers, sisters, aunties, grandmothers etc to begin sex education with their children at home. The second driving force for this idea is the fact that the perpetrators of these devilish acts are being kept safe for worth of protecting family names and image especially if it is the victim’s biological or foster father. STOP AND TELL is addressing the following sustainable development goals in her community and hope to do more with the collaboration of international communities and well-meaning volunteers with special passion for children. Firstly, sex education to both children and adults. By so doing, the children’s emotional well-being would have been taken care of and the mothers will be glad to transfer lessons learnt to their children and generation. Quality education would have been achieved as STOP AND TELL is already striving to partner with the government to teach realistic sex education to the children across different age from Pre-school to High school. Thus addressing the SDGs NUMBERS 3,4 and17. Secondly, more peace will be fostered within the community as women shall be incorporated into the movement by becoming strong advocates of sex education, using dialects for better understanding. This addresses NUMBER 5 and 16.

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Margaret Idiku is the founder of STOP AND TELL. She is a teacher of children for over 15 years and has worked in different capacities from class room teacher to school administrator. She ensured she educate the children on sex education in all the schools she worked with. The desire to make the movement wider is borne out of her passion and women who may not always be opportune to educate their children on sex education. She has also taught children in different religious setting.
Margaret Idiku shall be 38years August 24, 2020. She is a lover of children.

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Margaret Idiku