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Ricardo Suárez Daza


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BEYOND COLOMBIA: boosting the power of our historical heritage!

We are willing to go beyond preconceptions, beyond the traditional tourism and beyond the thousands of smiles that tourists are going to find, we are going BEYOND COLOMBIA! Bogotá, as the capital of Colombia and one of the promising emerging cities in the continent, has experienced an increasing flow of international travelers, but La Candelaria, the main historical neighborhood visited by them, is not developing as it is expected. So how can we make a positive impact for the local community? BEYOND COLOMBIA wants to build a new experience into the tourism system in Bogotá that assesses our citys main historical heritage. Travelers usually dont dare to explore the culture or support local community. We aim to change and boost the local tourism with a high social impact through our added value which is the real contact with the local community, bringing closer different cultures at the same place. We believe we can also make an indirect impact for the benefit of our city showing the real and positive face of Bogotá defeating what international media have created over the time about Colombia. To achieve this idea we will encourage the local economy through free-guided tours which will include stops in interesting and typical places (and stores), owned by locals allied to the Candelaria Economy Network, supporting directly local families and the community by stimulating job creation. By doing a walking tour that has never been seen or done in Bogota before, we will make a new way to introduce our historical heritage. We differentiate thanks to this unique encounter between locals and foreigners creating a win-win situation which will inspire and motivate them when sharing their passions, perspectives of life and experiencing why we are one of the happiest countries in the world.

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