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I'm trying to make my country a better place to live, I like to make my country (IRAN) a better place to live for children and all people who enjoy more peace of life in security, peace and happiness, given the potential of Iran, both in terms of history and cultural, both in terms of tourist attractions, even In terms of the friendly of people, Iran is a good destination for all tourists in the world. to reach this goal I am really looking for funds and investors to support the progress of our project about Sustainable Tourism Development of iran. Which also leads Unknown iran project to help most of the youth in our country in the informal sector get employed

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Hi, I am hamideh from Iran, I am maried and have two boy, 10 and 5 years old, I studeid Social communication Science in MA,I love team working and our startup. We have ww.Unknowniran.com project, to achieve the goal as described above ,
Our team sees the ecological and social responsibility as an essential task for the future and is committed to human rights, social justice, the fight against the sexual exploitation of women and children, and climate, environmental and animal protection.

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hamideh hoshyarmoayed