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Blessing is born on July 2nd to the family of Mr Christopher I. Ikiseh and Mrs Anthonia I. Ikiseh. She is a Human Resource Professional and an Organisational Psychologist. She has 6 years of experience in accounting, human resources, education and training, leadership in business, entrepreneurship, and administrative roles. Blessing recently completed her master’s degree study at the School of Psychology and Therapeutic Studies at the University of South Wales, UK (online study), where she majored in Business Psychology in the field of Industrial-Organisational Psychology. The reason for her choosing this field (work) stems from an intellectual curiosity to understand the psychology of human behaviour as it pertains to workplace settings and business and more importantly in life. Blessing has the ability of a good leader, and a gift for order and priority and a strong passion for youth development and education. Blessing was recognised by the Honor Society Organization in 2018 for an outstanding Graduate Achiever and Community Service Award. Aside from working full time with Main One as the Human Resource Manager for the company, Blessing runs the Education and Training initiative BIbieandrea Services Venture with a major focus of creating a quality educational opportunity for the people in her community. This initiative is motivated by the poor-quality educational opportunity available to the people specifically in the rural communities in Nigeria. Therefore, our venture exists to widen access to affordable quality educational opportunity and to create employment opportunity for the people in her community by 30%. Since the project inception in 2018, Bibieandrea Services Venture has impacted, trained and equipped 150 plus people onsite, 500 plus persons online via her social media platform and secured job opportunity for 20 persons through the business training and education program.

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Blessing Ikiseh