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Billow Hassan


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Finance & Economics

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Amana Sacco

Amana Sacco will be a local based Micro finance Institutions that will help youth and women to economic empowerment. This will seek registration of members who will contribute to the organizations(saves) and later get a zero interest loan from the Sacco for their business. Amana Sacco will be a unique institution that will charge zero interest on the loans taken by members. This will enable young people and women to economically help themselves and their family in a situation where getting access to credit services is very hard.

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The Mandera Times

The Mandera Times have been in operation for the past 16 months with an objectives bridging information gap that exist in Northern part of Kenya which have been left out in development and also in terms positive reporting by mainstream media. By running the monthly newspaper, we amplify voices of voiceless people and engage government through reports and accountability of their project they undertake. We are working to achieve open government system, corruption free government, citizen participation in policy making and most importantly to have informed citizens who can make better decisions.

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