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eHealth, Medtech, Marketing

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startups, funding, investors, helthcare, medtech

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Hi, my name is Robert. I’m an enthusiast in Healthcare and IT – like a serial entrepreneur and stucked in eHealth – from CIS to Telemed and Apps. Engaged in Public Healthcare as a volunteer, too,
I’m ready to establish a Telemed SaaS in Germany/DACH, looking for partners in tech and health.
I’m also offering a diverse team of developer in eHealth (AI, coding, certification) within CEE, and looking forward for fellows and partners promoting eHealth and DiGa’s.
Would you like to suggest an appointment? Please, book here: https://calendly.com/info-5920/ via Tel / Skype (bimpress1)
@bimpress1 or [email protected]

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Robert S. Brunner