Comment on: The Food Factory
August 15, 2018 21:54

Hi Mbolatiana Marinah Rajaonarison Solofonirina,

We all are lucky because we will get a platform like this to explore our idea. Even I too impressed with your idea, you also keep going.Your motto is too good. My motto is HELP OTHERS TO HELP YOURSELF, LOVE OTHERS TO LOVE YOURSELF.

Comment on: The Food Factory
August 15, 2018 21:48

Hi Kamini,

Right now in Indian constituency 12 seats are reverved for sports quota that will elected by the president of INDIA. Same if we implementd in farming sector than its very good for the farmers as well as for our nation and world. If we all are together than will request Government of INDIA to add some seats in loksabha and vidhansabha for farmers. Thanks alot for giving me a great suggestion regarding this. Thanks for your support and suggestion.

Comment on: Orphans Scholarships
August 15, 2018 21:19


To transform communities by inspiring youth to drive a new era of development, growth, and productivity a line that itself inspire people to do the work on social side. Good keep it up

August 15, 2018 21:10


The three goals that you want to cover with your project is great. At the age of 16 you were thinking about this goals means your thinking is great. And surely this will change, but in same time we need to eliminate the root cause behind acid attact, and the reason of other victim by giving them a quality education.

August 15, 2018 21:00


Your country had done a great work by giving shelter to these many people and the work that you want to do for this refugee is mind blowing. The think that you and your country has adopeted same thinking a world need to adopt.

August 15, 2018 20:55


The art of hope is also the hope for the future for this people. A thinking that leeds to a great success in future for all the girl. The more things you start the more positve result will come in future.

August 15, 2018 20:50


Humanity- A word that really express your project. A great great project that you have started for this people.. World needs more and more people like you.

August 15, 2018 20:44


Farming is not only about farming but with farming how we can save the nature that too cover on your project. A peoject that covers everything like nature,profit,food etc. ALL THE BEST.!!

August 15, 2018 20:40


If we use latest technology in farming what is the benefit that you describe is totally correct. A great things that you develope and greater is you implemeneted in reality. Good,Great, ALL THE BEST !!

August 15, 2018 20:32


A great platform from farmers to get more profit and to do more things in farming. The prize that you mentioned is very less compared to running prize. So if the farmers will get on this rate surely it will get more profit to tham and at the end more profit for the world.