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i love to solve problems locked in numbers. Am an IT Business Analyst with five (5) years’ experience in Research & Development, Business Intelligence and Process Re-engineering; Dayo has played team roles in IT project management & automated transaction processing, Design and self-development of school database, Macro & Micro data collection, analysis and information reporting. Skilled in Analytic's including SPSS 18.0, MS Access linked with SQL Server R2, Eviews 7, MS-Excel and @Risk Industrial 5.5.1

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Start Up grant close to $30,000 and partnership deal with government agencies like Nigerian population commission, demorgphhic data access link from Nigeria identity management commission (NIMC) and West African Examination Council. the participation of UNICEF is key to piloting the Birth mobile app. The support of Nigerian federal government will be needed to launch and adopt birth mobile technology for sustainable development. Moreover, this vital information idea concept will be developed through programming efforts from my co-partner Raheem Kola: A 28 years old savvy programmer and statistician with more than 5 years experience: He has played major roles individually and team wise in provision of IT solutions on small and large scales, some of which are System Analyst, Software Engineer, Webmaster, Programmer e.t.c. His major development tools are C/C++, PHP, Android, Java, SQL, VB and R (Statistical computing) and applications such as Photoshop, MathLab, SPSS, MS-SQL etc.

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This is the link address to evaluate the efforts we have made so far, from idea concept, planning and development of mobile birth registration app by Dwips Technology Nigeria. https://youtu.be/cvFSlDbHqAA

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Olorunfemi Dayo