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Senior Software Engineer

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bringing change in the society and leaving a foot print that people would remember me by.

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I am a 26 years old senior software engineer at Apposit LLC (www.apposit.com) working in Java, Groovy-Grails, Android SDK and other latest technologies.
I have a Masters degree in Information Science from Addis Ababa University in 2012 (CGPA=4.00 and thesis = ‘Excellent’ grade).
I have been working at Haramaya University and Lucy University College, as Lecturer.
I design websites as a charity for NGOs like http://www.abunezenamarkos.org, http://www.debubomoorthodox.org.
I believe my experience and knowledge is suitable for this grant and if you allow me to do so, I will be very successful.

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Biniam Asnake Kefale


Project Overview

Android Application for the Blind/Visually Impaired, Deaf and Autism

The general objective to develop an android application that has text-to-speech (speech synthesis) capability and make it able to read different text from the cell phone (for the blind), play different sound based on the text (for the deaf) as well as picture (for the autism).

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