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I can make a quike decision on the issues that comes forth me. Also, many types of ideas comes in my mind to do the same thing, that others do too, in a different way. I'm a student and I have been expanding my skils in programming.

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A online marketing ideas for agricultural sectors.

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When i learn any new thing from whatsoever source, i try to come up with an unique idea that would help for that topicbusiness to flourish more. I had also been engaged in LEO club. our club organized three new programs under my idea and leadership. The programs were cloths and stationary donation to orphanage and a creative drawing competition within the children, cleaning program in the world heritage site, the Pasupati nath temple and a program to create usable thing from the reusable wastes and we all collected donations too and donated that money for construction of a public toilet in a rural area named Jhore.

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Bishal Adhikari