June 10, 2017 17:29


Your Idea is really great and will really help to use our renewable sources to the best of our use.

Best wishes for your upcoming project.


June 9, 2017 12:16

Hi Sohail,

You are absolutely right that educating the children is the key to eradicating the poverty. By educating the people we are making the backbone of the nation strong.

Really appreciate your effort for educated people.
Best wishes for your project Sohail.


June 9, 2017 12:13


Great idea of educating farmers and eliminating the mediators who take away the major chunk of profit on sale of agricultural produce.

Get going and best wishes for your project.


June 9, 2017 12:11


Highly impressed by your idea and thought of bringing change to the present educational system.
With experience, I second you about killing the creativity of children as they are not free to choose what they want to become in future.

Looking forward to the success of your idea.
Best Wishes.


June 6, 2017 16:28

Hi Shuhra/Koofi,

Thank you for your kind words.
It will contain videos on almost every topic we can think will help people to develop their skills like academic topic, language classes, computer training, Entrance preparation, makeup & beauty classes, Music classes etc.


June 6, 2017 16:25

Hi Oluwagbenga

Thank you so much for your inspiring words.

Yes, the main target area of this idea is people from the rural area.
Those who have internet access can assess our platform through the internet. But for those who lacks necessary resources, we will be building our own smart shiksha center where you can come and attend the classes.
This is second phase of our project.


Comment on: EcoBoiler
June 6, 2017 16:19


Your idea is really great and yes if successful they can eliminate to a major extent the problem of non-availability of clean drinking water.

Best wishes for your project.


June 6, 2017 16:16

Hi Aabhas

Your idea is very creative and out of the box.
Could you please elaborate how we can generate electricity from the power of an earthquake. I mean how will we know that an earthquake is going to occur.

Looking forward to hear from you.


June 6, 2017 16:10

Hi Kemal,

O - Yes is relly nice initiative where youth around the world can collectively work together for social impact.
Really looking forward to your initiative.

Best wishes
Bishal Bhattarai

May 28, 2017 16:43

Hi Sharda,

Yes, this platform will contain videos on the academic module in a systematic structure. As we are planning this platform to be a platform where you can learn anything from academics to life skills courses, we are also planning to incorporate the same on the platform.

Regarding children who do not have access to the internet, we will start our own training centers in the rural areas being our priority in the 2nd phase of our program.