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Hi, I am Brooke Williams a 26-year-old entrepreneur with a passion for sustainable growth. For the past eight years, I have devoted my career to helping brands increase their exposure and sales with strategic marketing for the hospitality and political industry. While working as a Field Organizer on local campaigns, two problems became evident that led to this organization. The first is a struggle to communicate and engage with those who have opposing views. The second is a lack of awareness and access to credible information. Both lead to misunderstandings of our influence. We all have different definitions of a sustainable future, each with a unique perspective.

While studying international business relations and sustainable development at Spelman College, I founded TADA. The idea comes from the necessity to highlight sustainable practices, simplify complex issues, and continue everyday conversations about supporting our communities. My drive to achieve such an endeavor comes from my family. If there is one thing we can all agree on, it is that we cannot all agree on most things, especially when it comes to politics. From them, I have learned that our difference in opinions is what makes us unique. Even though we can be on opposing sides of a debate, at our core we share the same values, being the safety and wellbeing of our family. With this in mind, we can appreciate each other’s perspective. TADA was designed with the hopes of helping people relate to different points of view and take action towards furthering social, environmental, and economic growth.

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