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Human Potential Development, Social Entrepreneurship, Life Coaching, Motivational speaking/writing and Philosophy

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Boadzie Daniel a.k.a (The Motivator, Golddigger and Nana Motiva, pronounced “motivay”) is a Self-made Social Scientist, Social Entrepreneur, People Guru, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker/Writer and Philosopher who is obsessed with Human Potential Development and the advancement of the Human race.

He made the above decision after his brother committed suicide, because he felt he was not good enough and that his problems were beyond him.

He has spent more than 13 years of his life studying people, society and the natural world and the connection that exists between them. He lives with only one PURPOSE: To die empty. His VISION is to create a Haven on earth where everyone lives fully, develop and use his/her talents to advance himself and the Human race. His MISSION is to help people do the impossible.

He is the author of THE MOTIVATOR: UNPOPULAR WAY TO EXCELLENCE, which is still in the process of being published.

He is currently a student at University of Ghana studying his next obsession: Information Technology.

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Boadzie Daniel