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Material Science, Classical Music

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I am currently a junior at Ruamrudee International School. I love doing external researches. As a highschool student, my biggest accomplishments are having presented in an academic conference at oxford university (ICKEM 2019), winning first place for the 2019 world of 7 billion video contest, and qualifying for finalist in this year’s google science fair competition. I also absolutely adore classical music, having won several competitions both nationally and internationally over the past years.

These skills have lead to my dream of attending Stanford University as a chemical engineering major in order to help improve the standards of living in Thailand through the usage of innovative technology. I am currently working on an NGO called eyesaver, which distribute eye screening kits to elementary schools across Thailand. I hope to reform the healthcare system of Thailand by giving every single child access to good healthcare.

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Kritin Vongthongsri


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