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Boniface kimotho Karanja


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•Marketing,sales development,business and entrepreneurship,logistics & chain supply management, user & society relation,critical&lateral thinking.

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To connect with like minded people,and implementation refining for a sustainable economic environment aligning with goal8/9.To cooperate investors, crowdfundings and grant foundations proposal's.

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As a vsm in beer sector in Kenya,Nairobi.My background comes from an entrepreneur family,and in my daily life challenges in different working fields,i have gained experience in critical thinking skills.Facing this crisis jobs sectors shutdowns i once again found my self in a situation that needed urgency to keep those employed in hospitality industry on payroll in a more conducive environment.t’s necessary to overlook how tech has changed our existene I.e travelling without a third party to scanning our items at a grocery store,also we have ATM milk bars on board.
Owing to the fact that crisis has impacted on our public relation in business,I want to solve the problem in our hospitality industry,with a sustainable raising the bar mentality,help reopen doors and keep many on payrolls.
This problem is experienced by people who play a big role in community by bringing people together for socializing, celebrating and endless opportunity as a ladder for our youths in job creation.ie bars,pubs,restaurants and others.
I want to solve the problem by providing mobile SELF-SERVE taps bartending system.Such is an example of critical thinking that has lead to my success in different working fields,also enrollment on entrepreneurship courses.volunteering and seminars has also boosted in my current job position.

THANK YOU as you take this idea to the next level.