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Movie Making (Script Writer, Director, Editor and Producer)

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Kingsley Omamurieme Oboro


Project Overview


Searching for a less expensive film school is almost impossible. Almost! But here we are. So it isn't impossible because we have got everything you need. Movie making made easy teaches the fundamentals that go into making compelling videos from concept to completion. Hence, this is a project teaching persons how to become film makers from the comfort of their homes. Videos are made on the challenges that youths face when it comes to movie making and also on ways to tackle these challenges. from the pre-production stages of scripting and screen play to the production stages of costume/make-up, cinematography and video editing, videos and lectures are taken on challenges that youths face when movies are to be made, and ways to tackle these challenge. The problem with film schools today is that they are a puzzle, cost too much or take too long. But we have found a way to get around all these. Furthermore there are tutorials to cover each of the lectures for the period so you can always learn from home! Added to this is that you get a certificate as well as softwares on the completion... oh no! You do not get softwares on completion... you get them immediately you are registered!

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