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Professional servant leader with numerate Chemical Engineering skills, excellent communication and organization skills. Leading me to secure 90% in group project on Moringa Soap Research, allocated tasks and led projects to conclusion.

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Emerald Moringa Soap Production

Elevating our project to the company that we envision is only possible through realizing these set objectives within the specified time frame. This includes; - Develop a complete prototype by the meets customers regulatory standards by the end of December 2013. - Become the priority soap choice for everyone in Buea by the end October 2014. - Achieve sales of 8 million frs within three years that is by the end of December 2016. The Emerald Group is in progress creating professional servant leaders with moral and spirituals values to contribute the sustainable development of their community. In line with this, we carry out research and production of Moringa soap for the sustainable development of our community; by preventing skin infections hence improving health conditions. Not forgetting the fact that this antibacterial soap is called Emerald Moringa Soap. The innovative approach of our project entails the usage of both Moringa leaves and seeds in the production of antibacterial soap which possess the following functions: High exfoliating and Anti-inflammatory property: the presence of Moringa seeds supplies the soap with Vitamins A, C and Unsaturated fatty acids. This helps heal minor skin complaints such as cuts, bruises, burns, insect bites, rashes and scrapes quickly. Antiseptic and Antibacterial property thanks to citronella perfume in the soap Reduces wrinkles and smoothens the skin because of Olive oil and Moringa seeds in it which provides Vitamins A, C, E, K and B complex. The Emerald Moringa Soap consisting of all this makes it the number bathing soap in our immediate community.

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