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I am the founder and Executive Director of Boy Child Initiative, a Community Based Organization working within Korogocho Slums of Nairobi City, Kenya in transforming the lives of the destitute children.

I hold a Bachelor Degree in Counseling Psychology and a Diploma in Social Work and Community Development from University of Nairobi.

I have got wide experience, knowledge and technical expertise in Child Protection, Education and Community Development related issues.

I further have skills in Project Management and networking, and works very well with the community and applies community based approach mechanism in his project.

At the age of 16, I dropped-out of a boarding secondary school for one year to support my parents. My father was an unemployed, only working as manual laborer on peoples’ farms. Due to destitution, my mother abandoned us while our father’s energy was not enough to support all of us. Born in a family of 6 and with little or no income and in view that I am the first born in the family, I resorted to live and work on the streets of Kisumu. I used to earn Kshs. 200/- equivalent to 2 USD per day after foraging dump sites. The meager proceeds were only enough to cater for my family expenses, support my siblings and save some which eventually enabled me to join a day secondary school a year later. While living and working on the streets of Kisumu, I understood what it takes to be on the street. I did not let this stop me from achieving my dream of becoming a development worker with special interest in Child Protection and Education. It is with no doubts that my rich background enabled me to initiate Boy Child Initiative Project in Korogocho Slum, Nairobi. My vision is to eradicate all forms of child abuses by scaling up the project to reach all informal settlements in Kenya and beyond.

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Allan Odhiambo