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Bram Oers


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Search Community

The main objective is to support youth from every layer of society during their job search. Inspired by co-working, a shared working space will be set up, where individuals engage themselves to be present once a week, during working hours. The youths perform perform job searching-related tasks like writing cover letters of looking for vacancies for themselves. But they do this in a social context. The purpose is to create an atmosphere which stimulates interaction, exchange of knowledge and experience, giving feedback to each other etc. Because of the regular planning (once a week) and the social interaction, Search Community sustains motivation during the job searching process. Furthermore it provides a space where they can look for a job without any pressure from the government and where they can process their learnings from coaching trajectories. There is no top-down or obligatory coaching in Search Community. If they do ask for support there is an employee who provides information, can forward them to experts or even invite experts to e.g. rate everyones CV and provide feedback. The above activity is called the Search Field. After working hours the Search Bar opens. This is a community-driven bar where anyone from the neighbourhood can have a drink. This activity aims to stimulate a community between jobless youths and to create interaction between the groups who come on different days of the week. Furthermore they become integrated into the neigbourhood and the stigma on jobless individuals may gradually dissapear. By providing this platform to any youth, whatever his or her background, there is interaction between different layers of society. They are all united around a common problem, being jobless. And through dialogue they can help each other and better understand the others situation.

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