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Matanawui Bridget a 24 years female who stays at Elmina at Cape Coast in Ghana, working as a customer care representative currently with acting, communication, writing and I.C.T as my skills and passion to see kids educated, plastic pollution eradicated and literacy eradicated, passionate with volunteering, a student at Cape Coast Technical University offering Tourism as a course.
Biggest dream is to build a place for the poor who are sleeping on the street to pay just something small like 10 CEDI’s a month to have a place to sleep no matter the amount of kids they have and I will add more money to that 10cedis which will be used to pay for the educational needs of their children to eradicate illiteracy and poverty in the country. With time I hope to make my housing free for the poor. And create a job avenue for the unemployed to help them fend for their families.
My motivation for my dream is actually because I have been a victim of that situation, it is really not something anyone would love to experience. Sleeping at the market place, and having nothing to eat with the door locked outside whiles you are inside the kiosk all because you are forbidded from sleeping there,the mosquito bite it has not been easy. It really saddens me when I see people who sleep outside beaten by the rain and bitten by mosquitoes, with nothing to eat. And seeing a turtle coiled in a plastic on a regular beach cleanup made me motivated to try and make my voice to be heard by all since the animals in the water bodies can not talk for themselves on the hardship they are facing.

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Bridget Matanawui